Flexi Magnifier

Acrylic Neck Magnifier

Acrylic 11cm lens and 2.0 X mag.. (Clip-on light available separately)




Neck Magnifier


Three-in-one magnifying lamp converts from a floor lamp, to a table lamp or a clip-on lamp. Uses 21 LED lights - maximum brightness, minimum heat: 15cm optical glass lens: 2 x magnification: flexible neck for easy positioning: mains or battery operated.

£55.99 + p&p

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Battery operated, (no mains lead (bat incl), high power, low heat, low energy LED light. Natural daylight effect for good colour matching. 85mm, 2x magnification. Smaller lens on lamp is 5x magnification. Flexible arm for easy positioning. Clip-on clamp fixes securely to surfaces.

£14.95 + p&p

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Uses efficient LED technology which produces more light with virtually no heat and not bulb to replace. Flexible neck for easy positioning. Natural daylight illumination for reduced eye strain and perfect colour matching. Six rotating organiser trays, plus 2 storage tubes. The frosted diffuser creates a soft, glare-free light.

£20.00 + p&p

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